My Choice Association Inc

  Established 2010  
 Ft Pierce, Florida.

My Choice Association Inc is a newly formed IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established  by   Dorothy L. Haynes.  

The mission of the association is to cultivate positive minds of young people, and to bring awareness of consequences involving guns, drugs and bullying.

When children feel the only way they can be accepted or recognized is through violence or drugs, it becomes necessary to find a solution for the problem.  

The My Choice Anti-crime Triple Pledge - NO GUNS- NO DRUGS- NO BULLYING Campaign is the association's first step towards helping to find that answer.

The association strongly believes that the pledge will have a favorable outcome for both student and community.  By taking the pledge, students are promising to stay violence-free and drug-free. That commitment makes them apart of the solution instead of the problem.

Throughout the year, the association, along with the My Choice Workbook, which Ms. Haynes is the author and the YOUTH OBSERVER, a seasonal mini newspaper which Ms. Haynes is the editor, will be presenting other helpful methods in combating juvenile crime. The association's goal is to provide as many children as possible with the workbook and mini newspaper through youth organizations and schools.

Many activities will come directly from the text because not only do they motivate young people into making right choices by way of education, forethought, patience and respect, it elicits their serious thinking. 

The workbook and mini newspaper will be valuable tools when youth gather to discuss problems and share ideas. 

The association will also be holding educational essay contest and offering awards with funds from sponsors and proceeds.



"Come Grow With Us"
My Choice Association Inc.

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Fighting youth crime is a community effort and everyone can help make our schools and neighborhoods safer places.  As we remain true to our mission of  cultivating positive minds of young people, we are seeking the help of interested persons who may have new approaches for hopeful solutions.

By working together, we can get a head start on reducing juvenile crime for upcoming generations. We sincerely hope that the newly formed association and workbook will help inspire youth into believing that positive choices will build a great destiny of success.

My Choice Workbook is released by Xlibris.